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HealthEnlightenment.com does not sell any products claimed to cure, treat, or diagnose any illness or disease. We do not diagnose, prescribe or treat symptoms or diseases. In fact, we know very well that no substance can cure any illness or disease, not the most advanced drugs, not the most sophisticated of alternative medicines or therapies. Medicine and therapies can ease your pain sometimes for a while. They can save your life in a crisis sometimes - and we totally support that. But no conventional drug, no alternative medicine, no healer, guru, shaman, no doctor or witch doctor, no treatment or therapy of any kind eliminates causes, and without eliminating causes, no more than the temporary alleviation or suppression of symptoms can ever be accomplished.

We want more than that for ourselves - and for you!

We study and practice the body's miraculous ability to heal itself.

I am 65 years old - in great health and getting better every day. Feeling great is so great, I want everybody to feel it. But it was not always this way for me. I was not born healthy. I was born sick and was very sick as a youth and had to overcome several disabling conditions.

I realized by the age of twenty (My family was spending a fortune on my behalf - on doctors, hospitals, and medications that did no good. I was tortured in hospitals and by doctors repeatedly. Most therapies I underwent were so obviously bogus (even to my young, uneducated mind) that I knew if I didn't figure it out for myself, I was not going to live very long. So I spent the next forty plus years studying health and trying to implement what I learned as I went along. Most of the information was, if not exactly wrong, at least useless and superceded almost immediately by more up-to-date useless information. But I would pick up a real piece of the puzzle here, an understanding there, and I did make progress, slowly and painfully to be sure, with many steps backward.

More than anything else, it was my committment to not give up, to keep wanting to live, to keep fighting for my life, that kept me alive.

And while I was busy trying to heal myself (a shocking, unheard-of concept in my culture - I grew up in a nest of dentists and doctors), I had to watch helplessly as my loved ones got sick and died horrible deaths under the best intensive, expensive, offensive care Medicine had to offer.

It got really bad sometimes, but I never gave up. Well, that's not true. I did give up a few times, but the Lord brought me through those impossible places, and so I continued - trying to find my way out of the morass (of human ignorance). But I did have a certain wisdom bestowed upon me by pain, and so I understood early and accepted that I could only accomplish my journey very slowly, one step at a time. And so I remained humble and resolute and patient, and consciously simplified my search for just that one next step, but even that was often amazingly elusive.

When I was tangled up in human contradiction, many times I could see the light glimmering off in the distance, but I was confused by conflicting voices telling me to go in the wrong directions. But I kept after it, kept working at separating the truth from the lies, and I found my way.

Eventually, my private studies dovetailed with the advancing research and developments of the world and I was introduced to Coral Calcium.

I started researching companies selling Coral Calcium, used a few products that didn't give me any results, and then stumbled upon the Coral Calcium produced by Marine Bio Co., Ltd., of Okinawa, Japan. I started using that product and got results, and realized that I had taken the next step!

I was not interested in getting involved with the business. I am an artist and writer with 13 books in print charlesmartinsimon.com and more on the way, not to mention the responsibilities of my day job in the real world, so my plate was already more than full. I just wanted the products, because health was and is my # 1 priority, and I would and will do whatever it takes to maximize it - not because I want to live forever, but because I experienced so much pain and sickness already, both in myself and my loved ones that I want my time here to be of the best quality possible. I couldn't stand it if there was something I should be doing that I wasn't doing, or something I shouldn't be doing that I was doing.

After using Marine Bio Co., Ltd.'s Coral Calcium for two months, I was so impressed that I decided I had to get into the business.

Let me give you an example out of my own experience - of pain, suffering and abuse at the hands of the medical profession. When I was thirteen, I broke the middle finger of the right hand at the knuckle closest to the nail. I was taken to the hospital and the finger was set in a cast. My arm was then put in a sling, not to be used for over two months, an unbearable eternity for a young teenager very much into sports.

Then, finally, the day arrived, and the parents took me to the doctor to have the cast removed. The venerable physician looked at the finger, mumbled something unintelligibly erudite, the gist of which was that he didn't like the way the intern idiots in the emergency room at the hospital had set the finger, and then, without warning, performed a dashingly sophisticated medical procedure that was so brutal and incomprehensible to my adolescent mind that it set a pattern of distrust of doctors, to put it euphemistically, which, reinforced by other egregious medical experiences that were to follow over the years, stayed with me for the rest of my life.

So complete was my alienation from medicine that later on, when I broke the big toe of the right foot and both hips, I did not go to any doctor at all. A few years later, I did go to an osteopath because I was only able to walk with a cane and great difficulty, and it was getting worse; I was afraid I was looking at the wheelchair. After taking x-rays, the good doctor informed me that I required major surgery as soon as possible, and nothing short of that was going to do any good. But since I didn't have the wherewithal for even minor surgery, I had no choice but to live with it.

To make a long story short, I rehabilitated myself - with exercise, nutrition, and the will to succeed.

I've been to the doctor only once in the past twenty-five years, and that was for surgery to remove a tumor at the last joint of the index finger of the left hand that was interfering with the use of that hand. The operation took all of fifteen minutes and cost nearly two thousand dollars, and the tumor started coming back as soon as the doctor had the wound stitched up. In a few months, it was back to just about exactly the way it had been before the surgery. I inquired about having it removed again, and found that the doctor would be more than happy to, of course, and of course I would have to pay all over again, full price. It turns out doctors don't guarantee their work, which I find interesting since I have to fully guarantee mine. Anyway, I chose to live with it, and I am still living with it. I should point out that with the total health program, the tumor has stopped growing and does not hinder me anymore in any way.

But back to the broken finger: The doctor, like a magician, produced out of thin air a beautifully engineered, stainless steel, scientific hammer - and proceeded, without warning or any other preparation whatsoever, to rebreak the finger with the shiny hammer and put it back in a cast.

The prospect of another two months without the use of the hand was impossible for me to accept. Besides, he had so offended and hurt me with his brutal attack and Neanderthal attitude that as soon as I got home, I removed the cast myself and swore never to go back to him again. My parents couldn't force me to go, regardless of how hard they tried, and they did try - everything. To not go to the doctor was unthinkable to my people who lived in a culture of doctor worship, but I never did go. I chose instead to spend the rest of my life with a broken and unset finger.

The break was in a critical location, exactly where a fork or spoon would rest under normal conditions, exactly where a pen would find purchase for writing. The break made it impossible to eat or write in a normal fashion. And for the next forty-seven years I lived with it, or, more properly, lived around it. It, of course, made it impossible to pursue sports with any seriousness.

It was very painful much of the time. If I bumped it accidently, it sent shock waves through my entire system. If it got cold, the pain would be excruciating. In later years, a bone spur developed right out of the corner of the break, further compounding the discomfort. The bones remained jagged and continued to abrade the skin from the inside if I wasn't careful. So I had to be careful all the time. If I lapsed, the finger would become so irritated that I would have to really isolate it until it calmed down.

After one month using Marine Bio's Coral Calcium, the bone spur disappeared. After the second month, I decided to double up on the Coral Calcium, and, sometime into the third month, the jagged edges of bone rounded off and the space of the break filled in. The area which had been the seat of distress for so many years was now smooth and comfortable. The finger is still distorted, but what a difference! It is truly healed. In fact, it is probably stronger than it was before it got broken in the first place.

Drugs cannot cure anything (except infectious disease, and even then they don't really cure it, they suppress it), never have, never will. And every drug has negative side effects, averaging seven each (PDR). Drugs treat symptoms (effects); they do not correct causes, which ultimately renders the disease conditions worse. But every disease, even those they label "incurable" or "terminal," can be cured, as long as it is not too late. And even if it is too late, whatever the condition, the person's quality of life can be improved.

If there is no substance that can bring about the miracle called "a cure," what can do it then? The answer is the body itself. The body and only the body can cure anything that can be cured. It has great intelligence; it knows what to do and will do it, provided it is given the chance. Which is where supplementation comes in. Supplements have got to be part of the complete health program, and the complete health program is the only way to achieve and maintain real health. Health is a way of life. Disease is also a way of life.

No matter how rich you are, if you don't have your health, you are poor indeed. Health is your birthright. It is the birthright of all living beings. And that's where the trouble begins, because every being's health is dependent on some others' lack of it. That's a fact of life. If you think that doesn't apply to you, think about it the next time you eat a chicken, or a carrot.

Many organisms, which have as much right to life as we do, prey upon us; therefore we have the right, no, the obligation to destroy them before they destroy us or our loved ones, if we can. Our immune systems are designed to dispense with the microorganisms that invade and attack us. But the microorganisms are growing stronger, due to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, while our immune systems are becoming weaker, compromised by indiscriminate antibiotic use, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, poisoning from food additives and processing, drugs, and environmental pollution.

Health is the Holy Grail. It is the end and the beginning. Without it, life can be unbearable. And health can be hard to get; sometimes you can't get it at all. You strive to move forward, only to return right back to where you started. Human beings are lost in the jungle of this so-called "civilization," caught up in a tangled web of misinformation that is intricately woven across every path by clever and highly-paid spiders who's prestigious job it is to suck out your life before you even get the chance to live it.

Because we have polluted life on this planet with our "civilization." It has gotten almost impossible to see true light, breathe clean air, drink pure water. We are prey to infections we should be able to shake off like they were nothing, and we are the hapless victims of degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

We are our own worst enemies. We crave what we are allergic to. We want what is bad for us. We are addicted to poisons. As the great dead diet guru Georges Ohsawa put it, "The easiest way to kill a man is to feed him exactly what he likes."

Our bodies and minds seek health as a gyroscope seeks balance, until we are too deteriorated to spin. The doctors can't provide us with health - not for any price. They are not in the health business. What they can do and what they do is peddle drugs to us - to ease the pain and make us more comfortable, as long as we have the ability to pay, and when we have no more money left.... I don't have to tell you what happens then.

Even the richest among us, who can pay and pay and pay for the best medical care, die horrible and painful deaths. And they die just as dead as the poor who could not afford any health care in the first place. Which brings me to another of Ohsawa's sayings: "You must be your own doctor."

But don't get me wrong, I am no follower of Ohsawa, far from it. I quote him now only because some of his words still ring true. My macrobiotic days were over long ago. I was graduated or expelled from that school after the death of my wife in 1965, while we were on "the diet." For the complete story, read SPEEDING THROUGH SATORI

"You are what you eat" is an aphorism we hear all the time. Ohsawa said it first some fifty years ago. In those days, the doctors were outraged by his proposals. They considered him a quack and were united and vociferous in condemning him. Now they are prescribing his methods in classy oncology wards. But the doctors were right in the first place, he was a quack, but then so are they - using macrobiotics allopathically in perfect reversal of his stated intention. (A "quack" is a fraudulent practitioner of false medicine.)

Eating brown rice and vegetables, giving up sugar, refined carbohydrates, and animal products can make any sick person used to standard Western fare feel a whole lot better, but will it cure them? No, it will not. Because macrobiotics is ultimately false. It is exactly the same as the methods it decries, although to be sure alluring when you're young and stupid, or stupid at any age, and sick and desperate. It does not take into consideration the deficiencies in our foods, the depletion of our soils, the pollution of our waters. Maybe the elite of the macrobiotic hierarchy have access to ancient organic gardens, maybe they live in Shangri-las where the air and water are pure and the water is rich in ionic minerals, but most of us do not. The rules that apply to those great souls do not apply to the rest of us. They, the great souls, as have science and medicine, have sold us out. They have sold themselves out too. The leaders among them were quick to go running for help to that same western medicine they made careers out of decrying when their loved ones were dying of cancer.

It is written that we are made of dust. Okay. So what is dust? Minerals. To achieve health and maintain it, we must provide our bodies with a constant supply of the proper minerals and the complete range of other essential nutrients, and the macrobiotic diet cannot do it - no diet can, not without adequate and correct supplementation. See United States Senate Document 264

Listening to the experts can make you crazy. This one says take supplements. That one says don't take supplements. This one says take vitamins. That one says vitamins are toxic. And they're all authorities, all with excellent credentials, and they're all right - and they're all wrong. Listening to, believing in the experts can only have one result: a continuation of more of the same. It is the experts who have brought us to where we are.

We as a culture have become so confused we can't even reason anymore. Very few of us can even think at all. Most of us have given up. We work all day at jobs we hate and come home to eat and lie on our couches in front of our tvs until it's time to drag our bodies to bed, to sleep so that we can get up and drag ourselves back to work. Our concept of nutrition is what they sell us on tv. And when we get sick, we take the medicines the doctors prescribe, and the doctors prescribe the medicines the drug companies pay them to.

But there are voices out there in the wilderness pointing the true way, if we could only hear them and distinguish them from the false ones.

Here's a great example: It is statistically proven that among patients termed "terminal," those who do not follow their doctors' orders live longer than those who do.

Walter Mertz, MD, Director, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center, said in 1959: "Type II diabetes is not a disease. It is the lack of a natural ingredient, known as GTF Chromium." But the medical authorities didn't hear him. Through all the years of suffering and death and trafficking in expensive, ineffective, dangerous, toxic modern medications since that day, has any of them even considered the simple expedient of replacing that missing natural ingredient? Not many - if any at all.

Medicine cannot cure us. Healers cannot heal us. Only we can cure ourselves. Only we can heal ourselves. Our bodies are designed to maintain and restore health. Our bodies have great intelligence. They know what to do. But we have the key responsibility in that process to give our bodies everything they need in order to do it; we have to give them the chance.

It is obviously necessary to supplement but hard to figure out with what. Thirty years ago they told us we needed calcium and sold us ground up oyster shells, and we gave them our money and choked down their pills. A few years later they told us we couldn't absorb oyster shells; what we needed was calcium carbonate. A few years after that, they told us we weren't absorbing the calcium carbonate very well either; what we really needed was calcium citrate. And now we find out we can absorb and utilize only 21% of that, at best, and that's provided we take the right vitamins and minerals along with it. Usually we absorb and utilize closer to 4%. On top of that we need many more minerals than calcium, and we need them every single day. With the minerals of the old paradigm, standard and colloidal, there is just no way to get enough. And, during the process of breaking them down, they reduce our stomach acidity thereby degrading our digestion of everything else, and our stomach acid reduces the alkalinity of the minerals degrading their efficacy at the same time.

The answer is ionic minerals, minerals already broken down as far as they can be, to the atomic level and in the proper ionic form. In that form, they are absorbed immediately and 99%, without having to be digested, and no negative side effects.

Sango Coral from Okinawa, and only Sango of all the 2500 species of coral the world over, contains all the minerals (76 minerals) necessary and in the proper proportions for human use. Sango Coral is unique to Okinawa, and with a mineral compostition so close to that of human bone that surgeons use it for bone grafts. There are many coral calcium products on the market, but they're not properly ionic, they do not provide the optimal mix, and most do not come from Okinawa, and most that do come from Okinawa do not have the proven life-giving qualities of the Marine Bio Product. Only Marine Bio, with it's patented process, delivers the coral product with all it's positive qualities intact and all contaminant material removed.

Find out everything you need to know about the biggest-selling nutritional supplement of all time, Coral Calcium, and why it is the biggest-selling supplement of all time, and why you need to know it, and why of all the coral calcium supplements on the market, Sango Coral Calcium from Marine Bio, Okinawa, Japan is the only right one.
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The information on this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to contradict or replace the advice of your physician.

Information on this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to contradict or replace the advice of your physician. Products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease.