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bee pollen, the number one SuperFood in the World>
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BEE POLLEN - photo by Ray Sherrod

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of the seminal book on the true paradigm for real health, ALKALIZE OR DIE, names bee pollen the Number One SuperFood in the world!

Countless volumes have been written on the benefits of bee pollen based on centuries of research worldwide, mostly in Russia. Also in Russia, in the Caucus Mountains, live some of the oldest people in the world, and they are beekeepers. These old beekeepers don't eat much strained honey - that is the product they sell - but they do eat lots of the residue - honey comb rich in pollen and propolis.

To insure the highest nutrient value, freshest, cleanest pollen possible, I keep my bees in two specially selected locations and harvest every second day.

I freeze my pollen immediately and keep it frozen. A few days in shipping don't hurt it, but when you get it, put it in the freezer and keep it in there and eat it out of there.

Other Bee Products
Call 907-###-#### or
email for availability of raw honey in the comb, propolis, and beeswax.

Pollen is $25/pound, plus $7.99 shipping . If you are outside the USA, please contact me before ordering


For mail order, send check or money order to:
Leaves S. Garnett
7030 West Ord Lane
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

I am a beekeeper and stinging insect remover - the exclusive service provider for many large and small entities, with over 40 years experience.

I write articles (and have done so for the past 15 years) for Bee Culture, for over 100 years the leading international monthly beekeeping magazine. Some of my published articles can be read as archived on Barry Birkey's excellent beekeeping website http://beesource.com/pov/


Leaves S. Garnett




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© Charles Martin Simon


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